Industrial Straight Stitch Flat Bed Sewing Machine Feed Dog


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This universal feed dog will fit 99% of straight stitch flatbed industrial sewing machines such as:

Brother - DB2-B735, DB2-B736, DB2-B737, DB2-B755, DB2-B790, DB2-B791, DB2-B797, DB2-DD7100, S-7200A, SL-1110, S-1110, S-1000
Juki - DDL-555, DDL-555-4, DDL-5550-4, DDL-5550N-7, DDL-8100e, DDL-8700, DDL-8700-7, DDL8700A-7, DDL-9000, DDL-9000B

This feed dog is suitable for B series needle plates such as the B22 and B26, this is the needle plate/feed supplied as standard with most industrial sewing machines, capable of sewing a wide range of materials.

You will need to replace your feed dog if your current feed dogs teeth are worn, they act as the bottom grip to pull your fabric through your machine in an even motion. Worn feed dogs can cause irregular stitching and poor stitches.

Replacing your feed dog is a simple task by taking off your needle plate via the 2 screws, you will then see your feed dog attached via another 2 screws simply undo these and swap the old feed for the new feed.

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